This week’s project for one of my photography classes was about Film Noir.

My sister helped me out this time, as she is a fantastic model and always brings some more ideas to my projects.

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Three years ago I suffered from bulimia.

Last year, in my first year of my photography degree, I was told to make a personal project. It didn’t have to be from a personal experience, but I thought it was a good moment to capture a little bit of my past.

It took me about two weeks to actually be able to remember those days, to bring out those emotions and make a photographic drawing in my mind to actually capture the photos.

Surprisingly, it didn’t took me about 3 hours to take those photos. My mind was so clear about it that even if it hurt remembering it, it also remind me that rough times can only make you stronger.

My photography classmates knew I suffered from bulimia in the past and when I showed them the photos they were extremetly impressed and shocked, but when I showed the photos to my teacher who didn’t know about my past, she said I could have gone deeper with the subject.

She honestly doesn’t even know how deep inside of me I had to go to get those photos.

Esther Guardiola

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Teaser from the video of the photography project Flying Mements.

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I’m doing a project with my photography classmates.

Tomorrow we’ll let fly some ballons, with a little pice of our photographic experience, hoping someone finds that message.
The aim of this purpose is to share our lift as true artists, but without you it’ll be impossible.

This will be happening in Barcelona, but I’d help us a lot if you could reblog and spread the word.

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ocelots are so fucking adorable.


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stop everything and just look at this

stop everything and just look at this

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"I’m the one person, always


"I’m the one person, Matthew"

"I love you"

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